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Watch out for this – (Common sense I know !)

By paulnut10, Nov 6 2012 11:11AM

Many major window and door companies advertise heavily discounted offers, ‘ buy in September and we will give 50% discount ‘.

Discounts deals are irrelevant !!!

There is a base price they will sell the any product for. This covers the cost and any administration of the product, PROFIT and fitting. ‘Free fitting’, would anyone fit a window for free ?

this cost has already been accounted for in the base price.

For example, if a products base price is £ 100 (minimum selling price), then the list price will state £ 200.00. 50% discount = £ 100

95% discount, will have a list price of £ 2000.00, still £ 100.00 after discount !!!

Image how attractive that offer would look to a customer, ‘ Buy now and receive 95 % discount, and FREE fitting’.

Support your local HONEST tradesman or tradesperson.

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