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Extracts taken from WHICH ? Magazine 2012 - Investigation into Double Glazing

By paulnut10, May 2 2012 11:38AM

In the WHICH ? 2012 double glazing satisfaction survey, independent double glazing companies fared much better than the four big national brands, Anglian, Everest, Safestyle and Zenith Staybrite.

And, while you might assume you could get a better deal using a large firm, WHICH ? members overwhelming disagreed.

The Large double glazing companies are renowned for dubious selling techniques, and steep price drops are a familiar part of the sales patter.

Big companies scored much worse than smaller firms in the WHICH ? customers satisfaction survey. Those using local independents are also less likely to experience problems, 67% of people surveyed who used local firms did so problem free. But this figure fell to 52% for those who used one of the big four.

When problems did occur, they were nearly always more common with the big four. The most common problems were : delivering the wrong parts, scratched glass, windows not fitting properly, installation taking longer than planned and installers causing damage to the property’s interior.

During the July 2010 WHICH ? double glazing investigation, they were quoted prices from £ 4,800 to £ 14,500 for the same job. One company even dropped its quote by more than £ 11,000 during the course of a sales visit, on the condition that it was signed up on the spot.

WHICH ? sent a price questionnaire to local recommended traders, as well as Anglian, Everest, Safestyle and Zenith Staybrite. Both Everest and Safestyle declined to share their prices, with Everest referring to its prices as ‘premium’. Anglian and Zenith provided their prices, but were found to be typically higher than those quoted by independent traders who responded to the same questionnaire.

Local independent double glazing companies are streets ahead of household names in the WHICH ? 2012 satisfaction survey.

The results show there’s not a lot differences between the four big brands (Anglian, Everest, Safestyle and Zenith Staybrite). They all score between 58% and 68% - significantly lower than the 83% achieved by independent local firms.

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