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Approved Document Q. Are you aware of this document ? And how it effects any window and door product fitted into any new build or extension covered under Building Control.

By paulnut10, Feb 29 2016 02:48PM

Any window and door products fitted into new builds or extensions submitted to Building Control approval after 1st October, 2015. Must conform to the New Approved Document Q1 - Unauthorised access, requirements.

So whats involved ?

All ground floor, and easily accessible windows and doors must be supplied to the SBD (Secured By Design) police standard. Basically windows must achieve the BS7950, and all doors must achieve PAS023, PAS024 security test standards.

With the addition of the high security elements, all window and door products which are SBD specification, must be fitted with 6.8mm P1A laminated glass.

It all sounds very involved, but its not. We can help. Send us your survey and any buidling drawings, and we will help you determine what is and what isn't required to accomodate the requirements of Approved Document Q.

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